At approximately 6:35 pm on Thursday evening, eyewitnesses saw a fireball streaking across the sky just west of Las Vegas in the Red Rock Canyon area. I was in the area covering a local strawberry festival when I, too, saw the flaming object fall to earth. I ran to my car and rushed out to the area to be the first on the scene to cover the event.

As I arrived in the Red Rock Park, life continued as normal, as I drove the 13 mile trek around to the back of the park. There were local rock climbers suspended from ropes, and tourists hauling out their picnic dinners settling in to watch the sunset. No one seemed to have seen the fireball, and if they did, they thought nothing of it. Always striving to bring you the best news coverage, I had managed to be the first to arrive on the scene. I jumped out of my car, camera and microphone in hand and stumbled my way through the scrub brush and large rocks, looking for the crash site. As I rounded a corner in the trail, I saw a tall blonde approaching me in a white biohazard suit. She appeared to be with a government agency, because she refused to let me get a look at what they had found, but her methods of distraction appeared to be of another world.

When I managed to get around her and started on up the trail, she called my attention back and started to unzip her white jumpsuit revealing the most perfect round breasts I had ever seen. As she shimmied out of the suit, I came to get a closer look and continued to roll the tape. She turned around and bent over, dropping her pants, and my cock began to stiffen in my pants. What happened from there can only be described as heavenly. I asked if she was an angel or an alien, and after refusing to answer me, she dropped to her knees in front of me and proceeded to take my cock in her mouth. Her warm tongue and lips around me made me forget all about what I was supposed to be covering, and my eyes damn near rolled back in my head altogether. She stroked my cock with her hand and mouth like no other woman ever has and all control left me. I was suddenly blasting off a giant load of goo into her mouth. She showed me what I left in her mouth, then swallowed it and finally admitted the truth to me before disappearing on a beam of light. She said she was taking my sperm back to the mother ship for further testing.

I knew it! She was an alien! Then I suddenly found myself in my car, heading back towards town, with only a faint memory of what had happened, and I was missing three hours.

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A lot of things happened on May 15th this year. The Matrix Reloaded opened across the nation to a lot of disappointed fans, there was a lunar eclipse visible all over the United States, and Tony and I celebrated four years together! Just think, this guy has been getting my best blowjobs for four years now! How did he get so lucky?

We celebrated our evening together at our favorite restaurant, Alize, at the top of the Palms Hotel. We completely pigged out and killed a bottle of our favorite champagne. By the time we were finished with dinner, we were too stuffed to even sit and gamble in the casino. We moon was going to be rising already partially eclipsed, so we headed towards home to watch it come up. It was pretty cool, but since there?s been no recent volcanic activity to muck up the atmosphere, the color wasn’t as bright orange as I had hoped. Getting a little bored of looking at a black moon, and frisky from the bubbly, we moved our party inside.

I immediately went to strip naked, since my belly was so full, and when I walked back into the living room, my man had the camera in his hand and a smile plastered on his face. We always share the events in our lives with our adored fans, so like last year?s Blowjobs R 4 Ever video, we are sharing Bubbly Blonde with you this year. I was a little silly from the bubbles going to my head, and was almost unable to talk without slurring my words, but I do still know how to give a mean blowjob even under the influence. I stripped him out of his clothes, then started a long teasing blowjob that had his balls filling with cum. Tony decided he wanted to give me a facial, which I enjoy but don?t often get because I love to swallow. I don?t like to let any perfectly good sperm get away! By the time I got him ready to blast off, his nutsack was so full that the first shot to my cheek nearly covered the whole side of my face! I closed my eyes for the rest of it so I didn’t get redeye, but ended up with the rest landing on my tongue anyway.

Did I do that on purpose? Maybe, but in my drunken state, I really couldn’t tell you now. I sat with his sperm swimming on my tongue and face, opened my mouth and drooled it out, letting it slide down my chest and splatter onto my leg, then scooped it all up and shoveled it into my mouth. When he told me I could, I swallowed the whole thing down, we wished each other happy anniversary, then ran into the bedroom to get it on again.

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I hadn’t gotten my daily dose of man milk in a couple of days, and I really needed some. Tony’s balls were probably getting pretty heavy, so I went to find him. I was wandering around the house in my newest, cutest little booty shorts, looking all sexalicious, when I finally found him up to his eyebrows in work. Perfect, my favorite thing to do is completely disrupt him right in the middle of his day. So I coaxed him out of his room, camera in hand, and gave him a nice comfy chair in the middle of the floor so he could kick back and enjoy what I was about to do to him.

I really, really enjoy giving head, so I really, really dragged this one out. I weighed his balls in my mouth and could tell they were nearing capacity, so I made sure to give them some extra slow, wet licks, feeling them throb and grow hot. I always get a kick out of watching them change color to a deep red as the blood really starts pumping. That generally happens around the same time his head lolls back on the couch and his eyes roll back in his head. I could tell this one was going to be a big one, as I teased and teased him. He finally said he was going to rocket off, so I took that as my cue and kicked in the milking machine. Two minutes later, he stopped breathing for a second, and then my mouth was filling with nut juice at a fast and furious pace! I tilted my head back, opened my mouth and caught every last fat drop right on my cum-catching tongue. I sat for a second, savoring my treat, then Tony lifted my chin and asked me to gargle for him. So I gargled him a little song off the top of my head, then swallowed the whole fat load in a gulp.

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